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    In April, Howie mailed seven packets of seeds to Cynthia, a passionate gardener, with a hidden message. He sent hollyhocks (H for Howie) and catnip (C for Cynthia). In between, he had placed packets of leeks, okra, vinca, eggplant, and spinach. Cynthia solved the puzzle and e-mailed Howie: “It seems to work almost as well with Catnip first,” she wrote, slyly.
  2. I just finished reading An Untamed State, said “wow” out loud, sitting by myself at the kitchen table.  Mango the Cat did not ask me to elaborate.  I want to send copies to all my friends who haven’t read it, so that we can talk about this marvel of a book.  I finished the last pages, read the Acknowledgements page carefully, and then ate two small squares of really good dark chocolate, because nothing else could follow up this reading experience. 

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    Sometimes I remind myself that I almost skipped the party, that I almost went to a different college, that the whim of a minute could have changed everything and everyone. Our lives, so settled, so specific, are built on happenstance.
    — Anna Quindlen, Every Last One   (via awelltraveledwoman)

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Well, this is just everything.


    Well, this is just everything.

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    "What took you so long, human?"

    "What took you so long, human?"

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    This school makes it so hard to talk about failure, but I want you to wear your failures like a badge of honor. Make your vulnerabilities your strength, because it’s impossible to be strong if nothing ever makes you go weak in the knees. It is in the standing up to fight, again and again, where you prove your mammoth, indomitable, shining strength.
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    I try to be good but sometimes
    a person just has to break out and
    act like the wild and springy thing
    one used to be. It’s impossible not
    to remember wild and want it back.
    — Mary Oliver, “Green, Green is My Sister’s House”
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    Right around the corner from my house. I love my neighborhood!

    Right around the corner from my house. I love my neighborhood!

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    She survived whatever happened;
    she forgave; she became.
    — W.H. Auden, The Model (excerpt)

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  10. The summer you turned six you were undaunted.  You were obsessed with secret trails and you pleaded with me to show you as many as I could remember …

    As a little girl you used to hold your arms up for a “special carry,” and this is what you did the first time we reached the gravel.  But in this situation something told me not to pick you up.  In my mind’s eye I see myself hunker down in front of you and explain the rules of barefoot travel.  I told you paths are not always smooth and familiar like the Indian Trail or the good ones out on Pine Ridge.  Sometimes there are rocks on the trail and the only way to cross them is to be brave.

    ~ letter to Sabrina Ward Harrison from her dad, in Brave on the Rocks

    My dad has been out of the country on a hiking trip these past few weeks, and each day or so he sends a picture from the journey, along with a koan-like musing— perhaps the most poetic texts I’ve received.  Bret is getting ready to go backpacking with a friend for a couple nights.  I am thinking about the paths ahead.  I am thinking of people close to me who are right now struggling with broken bones, broken hearts, loss. I’m wishing them strength and sending them love and feeling grateful that I’m well enough right now to give support without being crushed by my own sadness.  Sometimes there are rocks on the trail and the only way to cross them is to be brave.